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Essex County, NJ Race Discrimination Lawyer

Race discrimination should not be tolerated in any workplace. Unfortunately, many workers across New Jersey and the United States face instances of racial discrimination every day. It is important to stand against employers that are determined to make the workplace a...

When Can You Sue for Wrongful Termination in New Jersey?

Thousands of people are fired every day. But while some employees lose their jobs due to poor performance or inappropriate behavior, others are victims of wrongful termination – and you may be one of them. If you were fired because of workplace discrimination, or...

5 Common Types of Employment Discrimination in NJ

Employment discrimination is the unfair treatment of an employee, job applicant, or apprentice based on his or her personal characteristics – for example, firing or demoting an employee due to his or her religious beliefs. Employment discrimination, which is also...

Examples of Religious Discrimination in New Jersey

By providing examples of religious discrimination in the workplace against employees, this article will give you a clearer idea of actions that could constitute job discrimination on the basis of religious belief. If you think you were discriminated against at work in...

10 Signs of Harassment in the Workplace

A productive and healthy workplace is one which is free from conditions which unnecessarily stress employees. Harassment or bullying in the workplace can make an employee (or several employees) feel as though they are not valued by their peers or employers. Not only...

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