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Examples of Religious Discrimination in New Jersey

By providing examples of religious discrimination in the workplace against employees, this article will give you a clearer idea of actions that could constitute job discrimination on the basis of religious belief. If you think you were discriminated against at work in...

10 Signs of Harassment in the Workplace

A productive and healthy workplace is one which is free from conditions which unnecessarily stress employees. Harassment or bullying in the workplace can make an employee (or several employees) feel as though they are not valued by their peers or employers. Not only...

Who is Covered Under Age Discrimination Laws in New Jersey?

Facing any form of discrimination can be a difficult and frustrating dilemma for people of all ages. No person who is qualified for the position they applied for should be discriminated against due to their age or any other personal factor. In New Jersey, the Law...

What is the Legal Definition of a Whistleblower in NJ?

When you’re a child, you are told not to tattle. But when you witness violations of your rights or the rights of your coworkers, violation of important regulations, or outright fraud or crime, it is important to speak up. Fortunately, federal and state law in New...

20 Common Examples of Wrongful Termination Cases in New Jersey

Many of us have experienced a job loss we felt to be unfair, arbitrary, or misdirected. However, while losing your job is almost never a pleasant experience, there are some situations where an employer crosses the line and violates employment laws designed to protect...

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