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Contrarily, employers may also find themselves in need of a Glen Rock employment law attorney if they get sued by an aggrieved employee or ex-employee. A Glen Rock employment law attorney, like Usmaan Sleemi and associates, will help you find out what legal action you can take to break free of such a situation. Legal advice, when it comes to employment law, is priceless.

Our offices will also help you create company policies and procedures that are in line with creating the best working environment for your employees, by doing so you not only have happy employees working for you and ex-employees praising your name but you also have fewer legal cases by employees, current or former, against you.

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Taking Action When Your Rights Are Violated

Our company and its team of seasoned lawyers have been on both sides of employment law disputes numerous times. This has given them an objective view of employment law in Glen Rock which gives them an upper hand in employment legal battles on either side. The case may be justified on either side but we do our best to help our clients benefit as much as possible. Both individual employers and companies deserve a chance to put their cases across. Disgruntled employees should also be accorded the same courtesy.

Usmaan Sleemi

The Law Offices of Usmaan Sleemi deals with different types of employment law cases including:

  • wrongful termination
  • FMLA claims
  • whistleblower protection
  • unequal pay cases
  • leaves of absence
  • overtime
  • wage violation claims
  • retaliation claims

As stated earlier there are different state and federal laws that concern employment cases. Federal laws typically deal with large businesses employing over a specified number of employees. Federal employment laws include:

On the other hand, state laws will affect all employers, individuals, or organizations, regardless of their size. An example of state law is the New Jersey Express Protections law which protects employees from discrimination from employers based on sexual orientation. Other New Jersey state laws include the Conscientious Employment Protection Act and the New Jersey Equal Pay Act.

Work With An Experienced Glen Park Employment Law Attorney

Different laws can be used for one situation which is what makes it so confusing and why you need a Glen Rock employment law attorney. Therefore, if you are an employee or an employee in need of legal services pertaining to employment law violations, contact us today for help. You can also visit any of our offices in New Jersey if you prefer a one on one consultation. Contact your Glen Rock employment law attorney today for an initial consultation.


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