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However, employees are not the only ones who might need an Edgewater employment law attorney. Employers could also use a highly competent Edgewater employment law attorney like Usmaan Sleemi. An Edgewater employment lawyer can help employers comprehend the options at their disposal if they are wrongfully treated by one of their employees. We will help employers create and remove policies with the aim of aligning their policies and protocols with the relevant state and federal laws.

Our legal help has two reinforcing positive results. They will create a supportive work environment where employers and employees can function and communicate smoothly. It will also lead to fewer complaints by employees and hence reduce legal disputes against the company.

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Taking Action When Your Rights Are Violated

Lawyers who work at the law offices of Usmaan Sleemi have a wealth of experience representing both employees and employers with all matters pertaining to employment law. Therefore, we have a unique perspective resulting in both sides of employment law cases. On one hand if a disgruntled employee has a justified case against their employer, we will help them receive the compensation they duly deserve.

On the other hand, we also assist:

  • employers
  • individuals
  • and companies

Who are sued by an employee with an unwarranted claim. Regardless of which side of the legal battle you are currently in, we will offer you the best legal assistance we can.

Usmaan Sleemi

Employment cases are varied but there are types of cases that occur more commonly than others. The areas of employment that Usmaan Sleemi law offices deal with include wrongful termination, employee contract negotiations, sexual harassment cases, protecting whistleblowers, wage violation cases, cases of unequal pay, cases of antagonistic work environments, overtime violation cases, leave of absence cases, retaliation and FMLA claims.

Filing employment law violation claims can be quite daunting. The reason is that there are different federal and state laws pertaining to such situations. Each state has its own employment laws and different laws apply to the same situation. State laws in New Jersey apply to all employers regardless of the size of their staff. Federal employment laws only apply to employers with a certain number of employees. It is crucial to know which laws exactly have an employer violated in order to know where to file your legal claims and that is why you need a lawyer for any employment disputes in New Jersey.

Work With An Experienced Edgewater Employment Law Attorney

Usmaan Sleemi is the best Edgewater employment law attorney. If you are in Edgewater and would like to take up a legal case with your employer, there is no one better to help you in the state. Therefore, you should contact the law offices of Usmaan Sleemi as soon as you can and find out more about the issue.


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