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Common Types of Lyndhurst Employment Law Cases

There are a number of types of claims that would fall under employment law in New Jersey. Here is a look at some of the most common types of employment law claims we handle:

  • Workplace Discrimination: Workplace discrimination is also commonly referred to as employment discrimination. This happens when an employer acts unlawfully with a bias against a prospective or current employee.
  • Wrongful Termination: While New Jersey is an “at-will employment” state, it does not give the employer a right to terminate someone when it is in violation of any federal or state laws. Other than that, an employer is free to terminate an employee as they wish. If you are terminated based on your membership in a protected class, your employer could be found liable for wrongfully terminating you.
  • Unpaid Overtime and Wage Claims: Disputes regarding overtime and salaries are often the most common types of employment law claims. The law defines a standard workweek as 40 hours. Any work beyond that starts the clock on overtime unless the employee in question is exempt or can be legally classified under an allowed salary position. If an employer doesn’t pay overtime to an employee who is owed it, the employer could be violating both federal and New Jersey state laws. If an employer purposely or negligently misclassifies an employee to avoid paying overtime, that can open the door on another claim as well.
  • Hostile Work Environment: All employees should be safe from worrying about issues like bullying, abuse, discrimination, intimidation, or any other type of harassment when they come to work. If the employee cannot carry out their job duties due to one or more of these issues, the employee will have grounds to file a hostile work environment claim against their employer.
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