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Case Types We Handle

Our office works with individuals facing the following:

  • Contract negotiation issues;
  • FMLA violations;
  • Hostile work environments;
  • Whistleblower rights violations;
  • Wage and hour disputes;
  • Workplace discrimination;
  • Retaliation;
  • Sexual harassment; and
  • Severance review challenges.
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Employment-Related Disputes

An employee going against their boss may need the services of an employment attorney to interpret a contract the employee signed, or render similar services. A great employment attorney understands the various employment laws well enough to create the best chances of winning the case. A majority of cases employees file against their employers have to do with some type of discrimination, for instance, discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, pregnancy, disability, or age.

On the other hand, employers require the services of an employment lawyer to defend themselves from cases they are being sued for. Sometimes, the employer may have had the best of intentions when the issue occurred. Employer cases may involve negligence, knowingly or unknowingly allowing hazardous working environment, wrongful termination, or discrimination.

An employment attorney will guide employers, and help them avoid pitfalls when they are targeted for litigation. It is important to note that not every litigation case against employers is from employees, it may also be from government attorneys.

North Arlington Employment Lawyer

Because every workplace is unique, North Arlington employment attorneys prefer to take a proactive and preventive approach to design and implementing employment policies. This ensures the clients’ unique requirements are met and disputes that may later cause litigation are minimized. In the event of litigation, experienced attorneys from North Arlington provide sufficient advice to help their clients sail through their cases without waste of time and money. They have handled many employment-related cases before on both state and federal levels, and they are familiar with the entire legal framework concerning employment.

Work With An Experienced North Arlington Employment Law Attorney

Additionally, many North Arlington employment attorneys have extensive experience in private arbitration and mediation proceedings. Because of their depth of expertise, experienced North Arlington employment attorneys may also represent employers before local boards, commissions such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOS), Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), and the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), among other administrative proceedings. With years of employment law experience, a North Arlington employment attorney can help clients come up with well-conceived and pragmatic solutions to employment-related disputes.


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