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What type of lawyers can handle your case at our Law Firm?

We have a wide range of attorneys specializing in different lawsuits. You can work with one or a combination of lawyers, and the decision taken will be the one that offers the best chance of success. The attorneys available at our firm include:

  •   Sexual harassment lawyer
  •   Equal pay lawyer
  •   Retaliation lawyer
  •   Hostile work environment attorney
  •   Family and medical leave attorney
  •   Employment discrimination lawyer

If you encounter any of the above situations, our lawyers are experienced to offer the best assistance possible. You do not need to suffer in silence or face your employee alone when you can be represented by reputable attorneys who will ensure that you are not exploited in any settlement case.

attorney usmaan sleemi
Usmaan Sleemi

Common employment lawsuits that we handle

Our Nutley Employment Law Attorney frequently handles different types of employment cases, including:

  •   Retaliation claims
  •   FMLA claims
  •   Unequal pay lawsuits
  •   Whistleblower protection
  •   Sexual harassment
  •   Leaves of absence
  •   Employment contracts and negotiations
  •   Wrongful termination
  •   Overtime and wage violation lawsuits
  •   Hostile work environment

We handle cases both in Morris County and the New Jersey ensuring that our clients in the region get fair legal representation.

Usmaan Sleemi

Why hire a Nutley employment lawyer?

There are different state and federal employment laws that can sometimes be confusing and difficult to understand.  Figuring out where to file your lawsuit is often challenging to victims, and this is where a New Jersey attorney is essential. The lawyer understands all the requirements needed to file a successful trial and whether the lawsuit is to be filed with the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights or then the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

You, therefore, need the assistance of an attorney who understands the laws at the different jurisdictional levels. This will increase your chances of successfully protecting your rights and get benefits or compensation that is owed to you.

Let us help you protect your rights

If you have been a victim of a hostile work environment, wrongful termination, sexual harassment or any other situation where you feel your rights were violated, you need the representation from a top lawyer. Call the Law Offices of Usmaan Sleemi to get the assistance from an employment lawyer who will ensure that you get your deserved justice.

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