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New Milford Employment Law Attorney

Case Types We Handle

Our office works with individuals facing the following:

  • Contract negotiation issues;
  • FMLA violations;
  • Hostile work environments;
  • Whistleblower rights violations;
  • Wage and hour disputes;
  • Workplace discrimination;
  • Retaliation;
  • Sexual harassment; and
  • Severance review challenges.

Taking Action When Your Rights Are Violated

Whichever the case, every business is required by law to be represented by licensed attorneys in all lawsuits. It would be a fatal mistake for any business owner to dismiss employee disputes and claims because it could be the downfall of your business. Employment cases cost a lot of money, time, and reputation, in addition to the stress involved. The Employment Law Attorneys should be greatly skilled in legal counsel and defense for employers and businesses of any size in any industry. They should be familiar with the different aspects of this specific area of law.

For employers, there is a broad range of cases that can be handled on behalf of employers. They include contract disputes, whistle-blower claims, title VII of the Civil Rights Act (ADA), retaliation claims, hour and wage claims, sexual harassment, and discrimination claims, among many others. Employees from all backgrounds, in all industries, can be represented by New Milford Employee Law Attorneys. An experienced legal team that fully understands what is at stake can arrive at a favorable outcome quickly and swiftly.

The lawyers are committed to protecting and promoting employee rights so as to help them recover from unlawful treatment and get compensated. Among the most common employee disputes are wage and hour compensations, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and severance agreements, among others.

Work With An Experienced New Milford Employment Law Attorney

Whichever the case, a skilled New Milford Employment Law Attorney should be able to use their experience to build a strong case for their clients. Employment laws continue to change with time. To navigate any employment legal process successfully, it’s important that your legal counsel has an employment lawyer with sufficient experience in employment law. The attorney should be focused on employment disputes which sometimes tend to be very complex.

Additionally, an attorney that has represented both employer and employee is much more ideal because they can anticipate what the other side will argue for and they can set up a strategic defense with proven tactics to dismantle their case. Contact the Law Offices of Usman Sleemi for help with your New Milford Employment law issues today.


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