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Tenafly Employment Law Attorney

Case Types We Handle

Our office works with individuals facing the following:

  • Contract negotiation issues;
  • FMLA violations;
  • Hostile work environments;
  • Whistleblower rights violations;
  • Wage and hour disputes;
  • Workplace discrimination;
  • Retaliation;
  • Sexual harassment; and
  • Severance review challenges.

Employment Lawyer Proficiency

Employment attorneys carry out common litigation activities on behalf of their clients, including legal writing, oral advocacy, negotiation, and providing counsel. The attorneys must be proficient enough with the legal framework that governs employer-employee relationship to provide the best service to their clients. They must have working knowledge of state and federal laws affecting employment, for instance the Fair Labor Standards, the Safety Act, Occupational Health, and worker’s compensation laws. They may choose to represent either the employer or employees in any given contract dispute, benefit claims case, pension disagreement or unemployment case.

Employment Lawyers

An employment lawyer can provide great legal counsel by explaining to their clients their rights and the applicable laws that apply to that specific case. They will also outline all the options available to the client, some of which include negotiation, mediation and litigation.

It is the duty of the attorney to lay out the merits and demerits of each option and provide a final recommendation which would be the best direction to follow. That’s why choosing a deeply experienced employment lawyer is important. An employment lawyer who is well experienced knows all the loopholes associated with a dispute and knows which grey areas to exploit in order to ensure the success for their client. They will be well-versed even with very complex cases that involve multiple layers of relationships, conflicting legal policies and extensive contracts.

Work With An Experienced Tenafly Employment Law Attorney

There are many employment lawyers in Tenafly, New Jersey, who have successfully represented civil service employees, labor unions, union members, and employers in matters of employment relations, severance disagreements, and wrongful discharge. They have won numerous significant workplace grievances, trials, and assisted many employers to draft employee manuals that are compliant with the federal regulations and New Jersey state laws. They also provide compliance training.

A great Tenafly employment attorney knows that people value integrity and hard work. They will therefore build a track record of honest, responsible, and well-earned researched legal representation, to ensure that they earn the respect of judges, regulation authorities, the courts at large, and most importantly, the clients. Both employer and employee can get caught up in an unexpected employment litigation issue which might cost them time, money and even a career. An expert Tenafly employment lawyer can guide, and counsel such parties to ensure they come out victorious. They will use perfected strategies that will best position clients to win their cases.


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