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Employment lawsuits that we can handle

Our attorneys are experienced to handle a wide range of employment cases facing employers and employees alike. The common examples that we handle in Morris County as well as in New Jersey include:

  •   FMLA claims
  •   Leaves of absence
  •   Hostile work environment
  •   Wrongful termination
  •   Sexual harassment at the workplace
  •   Unequal pay
  •   Whistleblower protection
  •   Employment contracts and negotiations
  •   Retaliation claims
  •   Overtime and wage violation claims

At the Law Offices of Usmaan Sleemi, we have different lawyers who specialize in different employment cases and depending on your situation, you will be assigned the best suited for the job. For instance, we have different attorneys such as a sexual harassment lawyer, employment discrimination lawyer, retaliation lawyer, equal pay lawyer and a family and medical leave lawyer.

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Usmaan Sleemi
Usmaan Sleemi

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If you have any employment problem at the workplace either as an employer or employee, call the offices to get the services from a Passaic Employment Law Attorney and let an experienced lawyer assist you with all the legal processes. You will get dedicated lawyers who work to ensure that your rights are respected and protected. A Passaic Employment Law Attorney knows all the New Jersey employment laws that are necessary to win your case.

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