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Livingston Employment Law Attorney


We give employees advice and represent them in the following areas of employment law:

  •         Age Discrimination
  •         Religion or Belief Discrimination
  •         Sexual Orientation Discrimination
  •         Race Discrimination
  •         Disability Discrimination
  •         Sex discrimination and sexual harassment
  •         Family-friendly hours
  •         Maternity and paternity rights
  •         TUPE transfers
  •         Equal Pay
  •         Restrictive covenants
  •         Breach of contract
  •         Redundancy
  •         Settlement agreements
  •         Constructive dismissal
  •         Unfair dismissal


We provide a wide range of services to employers, including:

  •         Advising on TUPE transfers and drafting relevant provisions
  •         Providing advice and representation before employment courts
  •         Drafting settlement agreements
  •         Advising on implementing redundancies
  •         Advising on grievance proceedings
  •         Advising on disciplinary proceedings
  •         Providing training to those responsible for staffing issues
  •         Providing regular updates on new employment legislation
  •         Advising on recruitment issues
  •         Drafting policies and procedures relevant to your business
  •         Drafting and revising contracts of employment

We offer reliable advice and seek to resolve disputes to enable you to focus on operating your business.

attorney usmaan sleemi
Usmaan Sleemi


We encourage employees and employers to consider other ways of resolving disputes. Mediation is one of these ways. The presence of our Livingston Employment Law attorney will often result in a better understanding between the disputing parties. We can help repair a damaged working relationship in the process. Even if the outcome is a termination of employment, mediation can offer a possibility for such termination to get facilitated less expensively, more quickly, and on terms that are acceptable to both parties.

Usmaan Sleemi

Why choose us

We have the knowledge and experience in handling employment law cases, and we can use our knowledge of the Livingston area to examine and understand your claim and to be flexible to the ever-changing needs of your claim. We understand that making an employment law claim can seem challenging and that getting the right legal counsel can make a difference. We intend to offer a high level of customer service and make sure our clients stay informed about the progress of their case at every step of the way.

To get in touch with our employment law lawyers to find out whether your claim is valid, contact us today by calling our offices or filling out our online contact form.

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