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Employment Attorneys: Who Are They and When Do You Need One?

Quitting After Medical Leave in New Jersey

Not once or twice have we come across some employers violating the New Jersey state or federal employment laws. Some employees may subject you to illegal and unfair conditions, making it hard to complete your responsibilities.

However, you may not have the courage to speak up due to the fear of losing wages and benefits or discrimination at the workplace. Maybe you do not speak up because you do not know your workplace rights. New Jersey employment law attorneys focus on making sure that every employee receives fair and consistent treatment. They also make sure that employers act per all federal and state laws related to the workplace.

Who is an Employment Lawyer?

Employment attorneys put in place various strategies to make sure that employees have a safe work environment. An employment attorney can enact different countermeasures in cases involving illegal activities such as:

  • Hour and wage violations
  • Harassment
  • Wrongful termination

If the need arises, an employment law attorney can represent an employer or employee to address different issues such as wage law and right disputes. They can also help come up with employee handbooks. They can guide you on your rights as an employee and work to ensure that your employer does not violate any of your rights.

Another critical task employment lawyers handle is the union contract negotiations process. Just like employment attorneys, employee unions uphold your privileges and rights. They work as arbitrators between you, your employer, and the law. However, you may not belong to an employee union which renders you powerless when an employer takes legal action against you. If so, you can benefit from an employment lawyer.

When Should You Hire an Employment Attorney as an Employee?

Many employers practice illegal actions which put you at a disadvantage. If you find yourself in such a position, you may want to work with an employment attorney. Even felons can hire an employment attorney to protect their workplace rights. Below are some difficult situations under which you need to hire an employment attorney:

  • Discrimination
  • Retaliatory behavior
  • Illegal or wrongful termination
  • Harassment
  • Breach of state or federal rights that protect employees
  • Coercion to sign agreements that waive some of your workplace rights

Call an employment attorney in New Jersey if you find yourself dealing with any of these at your workplace. Any delays can make proving your employer’s illegal actions challenging, reducing your chances of recovering damages.

Legal Claims That Need the Input of Employment Attorneys

You may need an employment attorney for employment discrimination lawsuits that come up when you are demoted, terminated, reassigned, or denied an employment opportunity due to religion, color, race, national origin, or sex.

An employment attorney can also help with union disputes. They can advise you on your right to form a union and other entitlements. They can also handle the union contract negotiations process to ensure that your rights are upheld.

In summary, an employment attorney works to ensure that employees have a safe workplace. They handle matters such as hour and wage violations, harassment, and wrongful termination. You need to find one if your employer takes any illegal activity that puts you at a disadvantage.

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