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New Jersey Laws on Race Discrimination

New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (LAD) prohibits discrimination because of a person’s race or color in:

  • Employment
  • Places of public accommodation
  • Business transactions
  • Housing or other real estate transactions

Regarding employment, an employee or potential employee is provided with a plethora of protections under the LAD. In addition to being unable to discriminate based on race when making hiring decisions, employers are also prohibited from:

  • Offering unequal pay and unfair job benefits or assignments
  • Promoting or demoting employees based on their race or color
  • Considering race when reducing the workforce
  • Using race as a factor in or cause for discharge from employment

Employers also cannot publish job advertisements which prefer a certain race over another unless a specific law allows for it (e.g. movie casting call). Labor unions are also subject to the LAD, which prohibits labor unions from:

  • Denying or discharging people from the union due to race
  • Using race to discriminate in apprenticeship programs or other union benefits

An individual’s rights in business and real estate transactions are quite similar. In both instances, people cannot be denied service and cannot be held to different standards than others simply because of their race.

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Legal Options for Racial Discrimination Victims in NJ

Legal remedies refer to a method of judicial relief in civil law, which is what race discrimination victims are entitled to. The remedies available for race discrimination victims are dependent upon the type of race discrimination they suffered.

In employment discrimination cases, a victim may be entitled to receive the job they were unlawfully denied. In addition, they could receive back pay and interest upon the compensation they were entitled to.

Another remedy in employment cases allows employees a restoration of their employee benefits which were wrongfully taken due to race discrimination. Victims are also entitled to damages for emotional distress and other pain and suffering caused by the discrimination. Race discrimination victims should not fear the costs of retaining an attorney for their representation, as reasonable attorney fees and court costs are also provided as damages for a racial discrimination lawsuit in New Jersey.

In housing discrimination cases, a victim who prevails in their case could be entitled to the home or apartment they were unlawfully denied. If a discrimination victim had to seek out different living arrangements due to the discrimination, they can receive damages for the costs associated with doing so. Like employment discrimination cases, victims are entitled to damages for emotional distress and for the reasonable costs of representation by an attorney.

It may also be possible for a race discrimination victim to receive punitive damages in a case. Punitive damages are damages which are awarded in addition to compensatory damages. They are considered as punishment for an especially harmful act committed by the other party. However, punitive damages are only available in specific actions.

Retaliation for Filing a Race Discrimination Case

If an employer, educational institution, or any other party is retaliating against you for filing a race discrimination case against them in good faith, New Jersey’s LAD protects you. You should not fear retaliation for filing or assisting another file their discrimination complaint. New Jersey provides additional protections for retaliation victims such as the recovery of financial compensation for the retaliation.

There are many facets of race discrimination cases that cannot be briefly summarized. If you believe you have been unlawfully wronged in some way due to your race or skin color, speak with an experienced employment law attorney in North Jersey to discuss your legal options.

North Jersey Race Discrimination Attorney Fighting for Employees

Being a victim of discrimination for simply being born a certain color is despicable. Employers or other parties negatively impacting the lives of good people with their unlawful actions should be held accountable.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of racial discrimination at work, or other forms of workplace discrimination or harassment, contact a race discrimination attorney in New Jersey today. Attorney Usmaan Sleemi, founder of the Law Offices of Usmaan Sleemi, is proud to represent workers against companies that break the law. To receive a free consultation, contact the Law Offices of Usmaan Sleemi today at (973) 453-4060.


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