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Quitting After Medical Leave in New Jersey

Quitting After Medical Leave in New Jersey

If you have been a victim of harassment from your employers after your medical leave, you may need an experienced attorney to represent you aggressively to protect your rights. At our Law Offices of Usmaan Sleemi, you can find an experienced employment attorney in Newark, NJ, who will work closely with you to understand all the aspects of your case and help you fight for your rights against your retaliating employer.

If your employer is placing undue pressure on your shoulders, it is essential to note that employees are protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993. You are therefore entitled to an extended medical leave to give you ample time to recover from your illness or take care of your ailing loved one.

Quitting After Medical Leave in New Jersey

Why You May Quit Your Job After a Medical Leave

There are various reasons as to why you may quit your place of work after your medical leave. For instance, the illness that you were seeking treatment for may worsen, making it practically impossible to continue with your work. In such a case, you can notify your employer in good time to let them know that you will be unable to continue with your work and you will be quitting after medical leave.

The other reason that makes employees quit their job after medical leave is due to a harsh working environment. Some employers take advantage of the situation and harass their employees during or after the medical leave. They can also make the process of acquiring medical leave difficult, and many employees decide to leave their work even before being granted leave. 

Whatever the cause of you quitting your place of work after a medical leave, there are legal processes that you need to understand before facing your employer. There may be benefits that you are eligible for and you may not know about, and employers exploit this chance to deny you your deserved compensation or severance package.

Quitting After Medical Leave in New Jersey

Understand Your Legal Rights When Deciding to Quit After Medical Leave

When the work environment becomes unbearable, or the sickness makes it hard to return to your job after your medical leave, you need to consult with an employment attorney. At our offices, the employment attorney will offer free consultation services, to understand your case and the reasons as to why you are leaving your job after your medical leave.

Our lawyers will:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation regarding your case.
  • Advise and educate you on the best possible course of action to take.
  • Let you know if you are eligible for any payments from your employer.
  • And if you can receive unemployment benefits.

If your reason for quitting your job is valid, then you have the right to receive payment which would go a long way in footing your medical bills.

Quitting After Medical Leave in New Jersey

Let Us Handle Your Case As You Focus on Getting Well

The lawyers at the Law Office of Usmaan Sleemi are dedicated to ensuring that all clients get their deserved justice against retaliating employers. Call the offices if you are looking to quit your workplace after your medical leave. Facing your employer alone will leave you vulnerable to mistreatment and denial of any deserved benefits. Please book an appointment with our offices to ensure your legal rights are well-protected.

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