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How to Write a Farewell Letter to Colleagues On Transfer in New Jersey

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A farewell letter to colleagues on transfer is a semi-formal message sent to your coworkers to inform them that you will be leaving your branch to join another branch of the same company. The letter should include information to aid the reader in the ensuing transition, such as your departure date, ending projects, and replacement name.

Even if you are only transferring to another branch, leaving a company can be an emotional experience. That said, it is also an opportunity to exit your workplace gracefully and professionally, which a well-written farewell message can help you do.

This article highlights all you need to know to say goodbye to your colleagues upon transfer.


Structuring Your Farewell Letter

A farewell message sent when transferring within the same company is usually less emotional than one written when leaving the company altogether. It may be sent to a group of colleagues or individual coworkers, with the latter being more personal.

Regardless of who you send your letter to, make sure it includes the following details:

  • Subject Line

Use a creative and catchy subject line that conveys the nature of your message but doesn’t sound too alarming. Consider using ‘A Fond Farewell’ or ‘Transferring to New Branch.’

  • Transfer Details

Briefly mention when, where, and why you will be transferring. When drafting this portion of your letter, the level of detail will depend on how much you are willing to share.

  • Work History

Reminisce about your notable contributions to the company. How long have you been part of the branch? How many projects have you completed, and which ones did you enjoy best?

  • Gratitude

While you may be excited about your new opportunity, don’t leave your colleagues feeling like you are all too eager to leave. Express appreciation for all the time you have spent together and everything they have taught you

  • Personal Message

If you are writing a group message, single out a special colleague and share a personal joke or memory.

  • Transition Details

Who will replace you? Do you have any pending projects, and if so, who will take them on?

  • Contact Information

Finally, include your contact information and a call to action to contact you.


Writing Tips for a Farewell Letter on Transfer

Consider the following pointers when drafting your farewell letter to colleagues on transfer:

  • Write in a semi-formal, friendly, and warm tone.
  • Express gratitude for the time you spent with your colleagues
  • Avoid being negative or critical about your former branch or superiors.
  • Volunteer to maintain communication with your colleagues
  • Personalize your letter by including a personal message
  • Proofread your letter to correct any spelling and grammar mistakes


Farewell Letter to Colleagues On Transfer Template


{Colleague/Department Name}

{Company Name}

{Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}


Re: Transferring to {Branch Name}

Dear {colleagues/college’s name},

I am writing to inform you that I will be transferring from {current branch name} to {new branch name} on {transfer date}. Upon my departure, my responsibilities will be taken on by {employee’s name} from {location/branch name}.

I have been a part of {company name} since {date}, and in that time, I have {mentioned positive experience}. I am glad that although I will be leaving this branch, I will remain part of the company and meet many of you again.

Should any of you find yourself in {city/state name}, please contact me at {contact information} to catch up. Keep up the great work, and best of luck.


{Your Name}


Sample Farewell Letter to Colleagues On Transfer

19 January 2031

Marketing Department

Halifax International

610 Highway Road

San Diego, CA 45335


Re: Transferring to New Jersey Branch

Dear colleagues,

I will be transferring to the New Jersey branch of Halifax International on 26 January 2031. I am writing to inform you of this development and of my replacement, Hellen Reuben, who will be transferring from the Indiana branch to take on my previous duties.

I joined Halifax International 13 years ago, and working with all of you has been an absolute honor. I am grateful for your support, friendship, and encouragement.

While I am said to leave, I am glad that I am still part of HI and will see many of you on several occasions. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you are ever in the area.

Thank you and farewell.


Chelsea Powell


Key Takeaways

When moving to a new branch, your farewell letter to colleagues on transfer should facilitate a smooth exit from your company or branch. It should balance between expressing gratitude to your colleagues, promoting continued friendship, and anticipating your future. Remember to keep your message short, to the point, and accurate.