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How to Get Medical Leave from a Doctor

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If you are sick or have to take care of an ill family member, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) gives you the right to take unpaid leave.

The act also states that you should be allowed to return to your old job or a similar one once your leave is over. However, in some cases, your employer will request a doctor’s note to confirm you have genuine FMLA reasons for your leave. This article will guide you on how to get medical leave from a doctor.

If you believe that your employer has violated your FMLA rights, contact the New Jersey Employment Law Attorneys at the Law Offices of Usmaan Sleemi for legal help.

Informing Your Employer About Medical Leave

If you are unable to attend to your work duties due to health reasons, you should notify your employer as soon as possible. Doing this will help your employer prepare for your absence and the possibility that you could be taking an FMLA leave.

You should provide your company with enough information about your intended absence without sharing the specifics, that is, the nature of your illness.

Certifying Your Medical Leave

Even if the FMLA act covers you, your employer has the right to ask you for a certification form from your health care provider before or after your leave period. If you receive a certification request, you will be required to fill out FMLA paperwork asking for the following information:

  •   The date your health problem began and its expected duration.
  •   The contact details of your doctor.
  •   Medical facts about your health condition.
  •   A medical statement proving that you are unable to work.

Furthermore, it is your responsibility to contact your doctor and ask for a certification form. You are also responsible for seeing to it that they deliver the certification form to your boss within 15 days.

What Are Your Doctor’s Obligations?

Before your doctor provides you with a correctly filled medical certificate relevant to your work duties, they will first fulfill their professional duty. They will only base their assessments on the results acquired through their own observation or from consultations with you. They will then record the following details in your medical certificate:

  • Your full name
  • Your doctor’s name and address
  • The date you consulted with your doctor
  • The date the medical certificate was handed over to you
  • A clear indication of the severity of your health problems
  • The date your doctor believes you will be able to work again
  • The address of the person that requires the certificate, usually you or your employer.

Doctors can decline to provide you with a medical certificate if they believe your illness does not really require you to take time off work.

Talk to a New Jersey Employment Law Attorney

Learning how to get medical leave from a doctor is a crucial step every employee in New Jersey must take. With a valid certificate, you can request time off work under the NJFLA or FMLA.

If you do this and your employer denies your request, you may have the basis to file for compensation for a violation of your rights. Contact the New Jersey Employment Law Attorneys at the Usmaan Sleemi Law Offices at (973) 453-4060 if you have any questions about your rights. 

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