New Jersey Doctor Contract Negotiations

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The job search process can be taxing. Once you receive a fair offer, you might be tempted to sign the contract and get right to work. While this might seem a good idea at the time, it could trap you in unsatisfactory working conditions or with lost compensation. You could be even back on the job hunt in two years. This is why every physician should learn how to review and negotiate a contract effectively.

What should you look for in a doctor’s contract? Which mistakes could deny you attractive opportunities? In this article, we review six key tips for successful doctor contract negotiations.

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1.  Define Your Priorities

Your ideal job should cater to your priorities. Before getting into negotiations, list down your priorities as a physician. Are you hoping to advance your career, spend more time with your patients, or make as much money as possible? Once you know what you want, you can figure out your possible compromises and deal breakers.

2.  Research the Offer

With all the information available today, you can find out what to expect salary-wise before negotiations begin. Research the market value and salary trends for your job descriptions beforehand. Make sure to factor in your experience, geographic location, specialty, and educational background. This should give you a range with which you can negotiate your salary.

3.  Consult Legal Counsel

An experienced employment attorney will work to get you the best working conditions, employment terms, and compensation possible. They will provide you with strategies, tactics, proposals, counter-proposals, and guidance to aid your doctor contract negotiations. As such, it is advisable to consult one as early in the process as possible.

4.  Ask Questions

The best way to learn is to ask questions. Use your initial negotiation to find out more about your potential employer and the job offer. To begin with, you can inquire about the following:

  • Non-compete clause
  • Terms of employment including facilities, location, duties, and duration
  • Compensation structure
  • Base salary, bonus, benefits, or incentive
  • Call coverage

5.  Specify the Terms of Employment

Before negotiating compensation, always determine your actual job descriptions. What are you required to do? How, where, and when are you expected to perform these duties? If you are unfamiliar with the specific details that should be spelled out in your contract, ask your attorney for a checklist.

6.  Get to the Point

As you have adequately prepared for your negotiation, avoid beating around the bush. Make your initial requests and ask all your questions during your first meeting. Raise any additional concerns no more than two times. Doing so could harm your eligibility for the position.

Consult an Essex County Employment Attorney

Every word in your employment contract matters. While it is crucial to hone your negotiating skills, you also need the expert advice of an expert employment attorney. An Essex County Employment Attorney can inform you of your rights, restrictions, and obligations under your contract. We can also protect you from unfair restrictive clauses that could limit your practice.

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