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What Qualifies as Racial Discrimination in New Jersey?

New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (LAD) is a powerful piece of legislation that fights to help prevent discrimination in the workplace. This law makes it illegal to discriminate against employees not only because of their race, but also because of their color, national origin, ancestry, or nationality. This makes it impossible for employers to claim that the discrimination was based on something other than race, and it gives employees very strong protections.

Race discrimination claims can arise any time race is used as a factor in a negative employment decision. This includes any decisions related to:

  • Hiring or firing,
  • Promoting or demoting,
  • Giving or refusing to give a raise,
  • Transferring,
  • Modifying job tasks,
  • Refusing equal pay for equal work,
  • Creating discriminatory work policies, and more.

It is also illegal to allow bullying, harassment, or other negative effects in the workplace based on race, color, or nationality. This means that employers should never make jokes about stereotypes regarding your race or ethnicity, and employers also have a duty to stop co-workers from making similar comments. Especially if this grows to a level where your workplace becomes intolerable or drives you to leave, you could be entitled to compensation for the humiliation.

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Suing for Racial Discrimination in NJ

If you are the victim of racial discrimination, you have the right to file complaints and lawsuits to seek justice for your claims. Many of these claims mean facing certain common concerns with your lawsuit.

Your employer may not like it if you complain about harassment or discrimination based on race, but they may not retaliate against you for speaking up. The LAD and other discrimination and whistleblower protections make it illegal to fire or take other employment actions against an employee for exercising their rights under a law like the LAD. That means that even if you go so far as to take your employer to court over the discrimination, they cannot let your claim affect how they treat you going forward.

In many cases, your employer may try to fight the claims against them. Especially in cases where you were fired or they failed to hire you because of your race, they may point to other excuses for why you were fired or not hired. A history of tardiness or a lack of experience may be a common excuse employers use, but if these claims are unfounded or there are employees with similar problems that did not face the same penalties as you, you can overcome these claims.

Employers may also claim that a discriminatory work policy is legal for other reasons. For instance, a requirement that male employees must be clean-shaven could discriminate against races prone to skin conditions or irritation from frequent shaving. If a requirement or policy like this seems neutral, but actually discriminates against certain races or ethnicities, it may be an illegal policy.

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Compensation for Racial Discrimination at Work

If you were the victim of discrimination, you might be entitled to claim any financial damages you suffered because of the discrimination. Whether you lost your job, they refused to hire you, you were passed up for a promotion, or you suffered another negative effect, you may have missed out on certain benefits. Your wages, employee benefits, and other payments you would have received if you kept your job or were given the promotion you deserved could all be reimbursed. In addition, you could claim damages for the emotional suffering or humiliation you faced because of the discrimination, which can include especially high damages if you were frequently harassed or mistreated at work.

Free Consultations on Race Discrimination Claims in Passaic County

If you or a loved one faced discrimination or harassment in the workplace because of the color of your skin, your race, your ethnicity, or another factor, talk to an attorney today. The race discrimination lawyers at The Law Offices of Usmaan Sleemi fight to get compensation for victims of race discrimination and help them vindicate their rights in the workplace. For a free consultation on your cases, call (973) 453-4060.


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