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What is Sexual Harassment at Work?

Sexual harassment is against the law, whether a woman or a man is being sexually harassed. In New Jersey, sexual harassment can occur during the application process for a job, or while a company employs you.

Sexual harassment can take several different forms. One way that you may experience sexual harassment is by being subjected to jokes that are sexually suggestive. These comments are typically unwanted and are used to embarrass or humiliate an employee. Other actions that can trigger a sexual harassment claim include:

  • Repeatedly asking an employee out for a date or requesting sexual favors
  • Unwanted sexual contact with an employee (such as hugging, kissing, touching)
  • Making sexual comments about the employee or regarding the employee’s body
  • Asking invasive questions about an employee’s sexual activity
  • Posting sexually explicit material in public areas of the workplace or at an employee’s workspace
  • Offering an employee a promotion in exchange for a sexual act, or withholding employee benefits because they did not comply with a sexual request
  • Asking sexually suggestive questions during the hiring process

Under certain circumstances, a sexual harassment lawsuit may be initiated after just one of the acts mentioned above occurs.

In addition to your employer being unable to harass you sexually, an employer must also ensure that you do not face sexual harassment from other employees and even clients of the company. An employer must protect you from instances of sexual harassment whether you are employed as a full-time or part-time employee. If you need to know more about filing a workplace sexual harassment claim, you should speak with an experienced Northern New Jersey sexual harassment lawyer for assistance.

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How to File a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit in NJ

Prior to filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, you should first try to resolve the issue. You should inform the employer that is committing the harassment that their sexual approaches are unwanted. If a coworker is subjecting you to sexual harassment, you should speak with a supervisor or human relations (HR) employee that is qualified to handle the situation. An employer cannot resolve a sexual harassment issue that they do not know about. However, if the employer is aware of the harassment and does not take steps to rectify the problem, you may wish to consider filing a lawsuit.

If you wish to file a sexual harassment lawsuit, you should act as quickly as possible. In New Jersey, workplace sexual harassment lawsuits must be filed within two years of the sexual act that triggered the claim. The reason for this is the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations dictates the amount of time an individual has to file a particular type of lawsuit. If you do not file your harassment claim within two years of the harassment incident, there is a possibility that the court may bar your claim.

You should not fear any reprisal from an employer for filing a sexual harassment claim. New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (LAD) makes it illegal for employers to retaliate against individuals who report harassment or discrimination at work. This law also covers any person that assists you in making a claim.

If the employee wins their sexual harassment case, they are a number of legal remedies that they could be awarded. For example, the victim of harassment could be awarded the position that they were illegally denied. Additionally, the victim could receive damages for pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Essex County Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney for Employees

If you or a family member was the victim of sexual harassment at the workplace, you should speak with an experienced Essex County sexual harassment attorney today. At the Law Offices of Usmaan Sleemi, we understand the difficulty of working in an environment where your employer or coworkers do not show you the respect that you deserve, and we are here to fight for you. To schedule a free consultation, call us at (973) 453-4060, or contact us online.


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