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How to Go About Police Contract Negotiations in New Jersey

Employment Contract Lawyer

Contract negotiation means coming to an agreement by legally binding terms. It can occur between two companies or between an employer and a worker. These contacts usually contain numerous clauses with technical language that may be difficult for you to understand clearly. On the other hand, the consequences of signing these contracts may be severe. Therefore, it is in your best interest that you seek an attorney’s consultation before signing a contract. Book an appointment with New Jersey employment law attorneys to have them evaluate written terms. In this article, we discuss what you need to know about contract negotiations:

What is a negotiation according to the law?

Negotiation occurs between two parties who want to achieve common terms. This could be meant to form a new relationship or resolve an existing one. Each side examines the facts, considers interests, and reaches an agreement. A negotiation involves an exchange of services and physical items. As a worker, you need to negotiate terms with an expert’s help to make sure you sign what is right. Below is a step-by-step guide to handling police contract negotiations.

Define priorities

As a police officer, you need a job that caters to your top priorities. Before even looking at the contract, have priorities already defined in your mind. In other terms, know what you want. Only then will you be able to gauge whether it meets your objectives.

Look at the offer and do research.

The multiple sources on the internet allow you to see similar offers available and know what you can expect. This includes salary and other terms. Therefore, you will easily make a decision depending on whether it meets your expectations compared to the rest. Know what you are comfortable with regarding geographic location. Some organizations give you an option to negotiate the salary.

Consult an expert

As discussed, it can be challenging for you to understand the technical language used in these contracts. Therefore, a good employment attorney will look at:

  •       The terms
  •       Working conditions
  •       Compensation

These three will determine whether it is a good offer for you. This will help you strategize in terms of proposals to help you in negotiating. Consult a lawyer as early as possible in the negotiation process.

Specify your terms and ask questions

Ask anything you want to know about the offer, including base salary, terms, compensation, and call coverage. You will also inform them of your terms to reach an agreement. Remember, you should not beat around the bush as you do not want to harm your chances of eligibility.

Work with New Jersey employment law attorneys.

Experts recommend that you have your contract reviewed by a professional before committing yourself to sign. This should be the case regardless of your skill, position, or length of time in the field. Attorneys at the law offices of Usmaan Sleemi will walk with you and explain everything to ensure you sign the most favorable terms. To learn more about police contract negotiations, call 973-453-4060 today.