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What to Do if You Are Sexually Harassed at Work in New Jersey

Despite advancements toward gender equality, sexual harassment still persists in all too many New Jersey workplaces. If you work in the Northern New Jersey region, and you were subjected to sexual harassment on the job, you should know about your legal rights and how...

Can You Sue Your Employer for Not Paying Overtime in New Jersey?

Worker protection laws, such as the New Jersey State Wage and Hour Law and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), establish fair pay standards for employees in New Jersey. Among creating other criteria, such as minimum wage standards, these laws also require employers...

Can You Sue Your Employer for a Hostile Work Environment in New Jersey?

Employers in New Jersey have several legal duties to their employees. One of the most critical is to ensure that employees are not subjected to harassment due to membership in a protected class, such as harassment based on religious beliefs or sexual orientation. This...

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